Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Release Week-Day 2! Part 2!

Good afternoon everyone! Are you ready for more New Release goodness? Check it out below and don't forget about the Giveaway and DEALS!  Look at these beauties!

Sandye Curry featuring Windy

Check out the great deals! 

Don't forget to leave a comment telling us which product you are most excited about for a chance to win a $20 Riley & CO gift certificate! Be sure to follow Riley & CO on Facebook for even more inspiration!

Until tomorrow! 


TLady said...

What a SWEET LITTLE RILEY VALENTINE'S BOX! I LOOOOVE the Dress-Up Riley & the Funny Bones Sentiments of this release! ;)

Adrienne said...

Not a post goes by that I'm not adding something to my ever lengthening Wish List! Sometimes I actually ORDER from my Wish List. Of course, it still continues to lengthen. I guess I will have to keep ordering so there's room on my Wish List for all that I wish for. Right? Right!
Your designers and their designs make me SMILE and even if I'm not ordering or making a card, the pleasure I get from just LOOKING at your cards brings such joy!

Adrienne in MN (where it is very icey right now!)

see mary stamp said...

The Funny Bones sentiments are wickedly funny but it's Dress-Up Riley that's captured my heart.

Beverly S. said...

Here's chocolate and six million dollars.....so funny but yet so true. :)
The Funny Bones never cease to crack me up. ;)

Terry Serman said...

Love the funny sentiments....I don't even need the 6 million....usually just a chocolate bar will do!

Angela said...

Wow! The design team has been crazy busy making cards for this release! They've done a great job!

I agree wholeheartedly with the stamp that says a hug, chocolate and 6 million dollars would make me feel better! I'd feel much better after getting those gifts!!

Sue LD said...

Cute! Love the Valentine mail box.

cghundley said...

How cute and I love
the moose eating the
easter egg. Loving
the Valentine/St.
Patty's Accessories
Die Set.
Carla from Utah