Thursday, November 17, 2016

Release Week! Day 3!!!

Hello everyone! Are you enjoying this new release as much as we are? Do you think you can handle another day of snark? I knew you could! 

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Today's projects will make you laugh! Promise! Check it out:

Heather Bolli featuring Coffee Riley & WTF Lines

Heidi Erickson featuring Bunny HugsFriends Value You

Heidi Erickson featuring Coffee Riley & A Poem for Mornings

Joy Stagg featuring Housekeeping Sophie and Hiding Everything

Lisa McGushion featuring 4 Basic Food Groups

Michelle Pearson featuring A Poem for Mornings and Coffee from Prickley Pear

Sandye Curry featuring Mushroom Lane Apartments

Sandye Curry featuring Shark Music


Sharon Smith featuring Heart Riley & Friends Value You

Terri Peaslee featuring Doris & Happy Meals

Do your cheeks hurt yet? Mine do! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more snark from Riley & Company! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for even more inspiration!

Until tomorrow,

1 comment:

Rosy Newlun said...

Hehh hehhhh hehhhhh!!!!! Y'all KILL me! I love all the work you put into each and every creation. I love Riley cause the sentiments make me pee!!! And I have so much water retention that this are medicinal ♥